For a PDF copy of the flier and a list of sweat lodge protocols, please click on the image to the right.




Energy Cleansing

Utilizing techniques from North America, South America, and Meso-america to do clearings, these cleanings vary in length. All of them utilize incense, sage, and more. Whether you personally want a clearing and grounding or it is your house or business please contact me.



Participate in a Guatemalan prayer ceremony and fire. These events last at least an hour and involve building a prayer mandala with an assortment of beautiful items that are provide. You  will be guided  through the event and afterwards the bundles are burned in a fire sending the prayers to the heavens.



Learn how to build an alter or have one built  for you at your home, office or for an event. The ritual lasts at least an hour and many items are provided for you so that you can start your own altar or add to your existing one.


Sacred Tattoos

Co-create a healing sigil or mandala tattoo designed specifically for your needs. With years of experience I will work with you throughout the whole process.



Contact me

"I highly recommend attending a Sweat Lodge guided by Matthew . From beginning to end, I felt such peace. I wish everyone could experience this retreat; it grounded me and left me with such a calming sense of self, I wish for all to feel that connected.

- Lisa N


"Great experience all around, between the use of instruments, song, and prayer you come out of this on top of the world and also very deep within yourself."


- Michael G


"Matthew’s authentic desire to help others heal is obvious in the way he leads the sweat lodge ceremony. His training, knowledge and experience eased any hesitation I had before my first sweat. I felt renewed and very clear about my intentions after the ceremony. I’m grateful for having been able to attend multiple times, and plan to participate again soon! If you wish to have an experience with a lasting effect I highly recommend you register for a sweat lodge experience with Matt!"


 - Jan