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"I have had the honor of being in a sweat lodge ceremony lead by Matthew, a man who earned the right and privilege to run one. The lodge was conducted in respect for the sacred traditions. The process of honoring self within the spiritual environment of the lodge, connecting with the creator, respecting the connection to the earth itself, was one of the most powerful experiences of my life. These are spiritual events; a perfect place to let go of your negative baggage so you can go within yourself and connect on a deeper level."

- John N


“Matthew’s sacred lodges are healing and transformative experiences. They are unique and unlike any other sweats that I have experienced over the years. The Path Keeper artfully integrates multiple mediums which heighten your senses and take you deeper within yourself while plugging you into the connectedness of universal energy. What a gift! Thank you Matthew! "

- Jenn H


Aug 10, 2019

Sweat Lodge

Rain/Heat date Aug. 9 @ 7pm




Please contact me

as soon as possible

to secure your spot...

*Select proceeds go to sponsor free lodges for those in need. The sweat lodge event is a viable supplement to addiction counseling and therapy.

** Due to the limited number of participants, I cannot offer refunds on the deposits. If a participant cancels that could have been room for another person in need